Benefits for Commercial Clients


Custom Care by Water Right Commercial Water Systems 

As a Custom Care dealer, NMP Water Systems installs high quality commercial/industrial water softeners, water filtration, and reverse osmosis purification systems throughout Northern NJ and the Lower Hudson Valley, NY. NMP also works with high purity applications incorporating deionization and UV disinfection technologies.

Commercial facilities can now achieve quality water easier than ever

Thanks to the advanced controls and proven performance of the Custom Care Series water conditioners by Water Right, commercial facilities can now achieve quality water easier than ever.

The IIWLC-Series features a microprocessor-based controller and meter: LCD displays simplify system programming and operation. Your system can now be custom configured for specific commercial applications.

Commercial Applications


Does your business or Commercial Facility require soft, pure water for daily processing, production, services, and overall operations?

NMP's affiliation with Custom Care allows us to offer and provide your facility with a tailor made solution to accommodate any and all of your needs.

  •        Manufacturing
  •        Hotels
  •        Restaurants
  •        Car Washes
  •        Laundromats
  •        Schools
  •        Multiple Dwelling Complexes